Pros Give a Look into the World of APR

GVSU requires all Ad & PR students to complete the CAP 105 course centered around technology used in the APR world. Eric Kunnen, the CAP 105 professor knows the value in learning from professionals who are living every day in the APR atmosphere. As a CAP 105 student, I found 3 guest speakers particularly influential. In no particular order, here are my top 3 CAP 105 guest speakers:

raulalvarez Raul Alverez, Jr:

Raul taught all of us the value of telling a story. The key points that he wanted us all to take away from his lecture was that in order to tell a great story in APR you must Excite, Educate, Engage, and the Evaluate. This means that you must Excite your audience to get their attention, Educate them so they feel passionate about your cause, Engage your audience to keep them around for the cause, and then Evaluate how your strategy has worked and improve for next time.

rfactrKristen Lawrence and Jason Taylor:

Kristen and Jason were able to teach our class the importance of branding yourself. Its easy to forget the power of social media, and that we can actually use it to get ahead professionally. They were able to give suggestions about how to keep our profiles consistent across the board, as well as improve SEO, and how to be more professional.

machajes Szymon Machajewski:

Szymon gave our class a look into the world of gamification. His point was clear and simple: in order to get people to do something they do not want to do, you have to make it fun (turn it into a game). This includes anything from an actual game, to things like rewards cards. During his lecture we played a quiz game using the Kahoot program, which made taking a quiz about things we knew nothing about into a game that was fun even if we were clueless about the topic. He ended with some useful words of advice, and although I do not have the exact quote, it was something along the lines of “it does not matter if you win or lose, it is about the process of playing the actual game”.